Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be."
— Douglas Adams

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blogger App

So LOVING the blogger iPhone App, just wish some of photos I post didn't come out so massive!
Any solutions?! xoxo

Pearl Tips

It's definitely feeling like spring time!!
So I thought I'd give the neutral nail staple a bit of a twist... I mixed my own new tonal colour with a touch more brown & soft pink <3 I just added white & pink pearls to the tips.
Easy breezy ;)

Nail Colour: Avon (own mix)
Jewels: Poundland (cheaply cheerful)

Love you all xoxo
PS. Gunna try the new gradient nail trend soon (excited!)

Friday, 25 February 2011

“I Would Give Anything To Truly Possess The Power To Shop…”


Golden Globes Sparkling in the Sun…

You can’t beat the Golden Globes, & this year was just as fabulous as ever!!Ricky Gervais was flawlessly fabulous! Even if Americans don’t get the British ‘slag you off but still love you’ humour, they don’t understand banter or sarcasm in the slightest ;) He was HILARIOUS though!!!

The awards were great, the drinks were flowing, & the red carpet sparkled…

GG2 GG30

The preggers ladies rocked it on the night, they looked chic & womanly! Not sure about the colour on Natalie Portman though, it washed her out slightly & that clevage has grown enough without the added centre embellishment ;)



AAngelina & Anna Hathaway chose a perfect style of gown! The shoulder is very womanly & structured & they’ve rocked the perfect length, gorgeous!! Angelina is defiantly back to her vintage self, & the colour seems a hit this year.


Now don’t shoot me, BUT… Olivia Wilde made the w.r.o.n.g. choice for the Golden Globes! The Globes isn’t the Oscars, it’s a lot more chilled & paired down. The over the top gown felt out of place, although in her defence she is really starting to burst into film & you can’t blame her for wanting to stand out & command some of her own attention here.

….. ….. …..

GG4 GG10 GG16 GG18 GG20





According to moi, these lovely ladies got it soooo wrong!! Julianne Moore is usually so effortlessly on point but here its a disaster! The huge fabric gathering & the colouring is a N.O.! Annette Benning (The Kids Are Alright co-star) also wasnt doing too good, the dress was just not working for her!

Now i know Hailie Berry is beyond phenomenal but this is just wrong! The length, fabric, everything is too young & too Ann Summers ;) She looks 20 but in reality she should dress her age!

As for Mad Men star, the curves are insanely fabulous (i’m not hating on those) but this dress doesn’t go with her colouring or her figure! Get fabulous again girl!!

Heidi Klum (also amaze balls!) can rock anything, & I know I said the Globe is the place for fun & understated, but this is cocktail hour on the beach not Golden Globes material! haha Oh Girls! Better luck next year ;)

More Greatness:

Also in great attendance, the nudes of the evening; These girls looked flawless & fabulous (even if Sandra’s fringe slightly scares me!) …..

GG13 GG15 GG17 GG21 GG22 GG28