Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Bunny Madge!! Wrinkles B Gone...

Right: Louis Vuitton A/W '09 Ad.
Left: Madge @ MET Costume Gala '09
(Wot's wif the hair & scrunchie get-up??)

Wot is the point?!?!?! Wif soooo many gorgeous, young, NATURALLY stunnin' models out there (in abundance!!), y is louis vuitton wastin time, resources, money & energy, on airbrushin the OAP robot titled Madonna??? I dont think shes got THAT many fans it would make a HUGE difference 2 bag sales, and 2bh i think Louis Vuitton is loosin' respect (from me anyways!)... I LOVE Lily Donaldson; Y OH! Y dont they use a gorgeous fresh face like that????

The bags r STUNNINLY CLASSIC & CHIC though whoeva models them!
ps. am i they only 1 who doesnt wanna c granny Madonna in latex wif her legs spread wide?? ;-)

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

MORE New Look

Attention, Attention!! I misbehaved AGAIN: only went in2 New Look store 4 cheap work shoes... ended up spendin ova £50 + walking out wif bags overkill oops! o well gotta grab in wen u see it or loose it foreva ;-) i am (suprisingly) in2 the neon 80's summer colors so culdnt resist a last summer stab @ this pink neon graphic print float top b4 i give in2 the emergin cold weather of England + leave neon behind 4 another few decades <3... also found this grey + white top which dragged me bk 2 miley cyrus 'fly on the wall' music vid! cant wait 2 wear this with my military deep grey jacket i brought MONTHS ago + havnt seen anythin but sun/heat since!! high st = occassionaly WORTH IT!!!! <3 XOXO st =" occassionaly">

New Love Look

i am OBSESSED wif my new shirt... havnt takin it off since purchase ;-) LOVES IT! Wore it shoppin round Bath, UK 2day + loved my reflection in shop windows/mirrors lol An absolute gem find from 'New Look' store in UK. Usually dont shop there 'cause sizes + sooooo high street EVERY1 seems to pass u wearin same as you!! bad times.... but this was in the plus size section + didnt see it around the rest of the store so hopin its more limited ;-) Gunna be my summer-autumn staples me thinks <3 LOVES

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

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