Monday, 29 March 2010

LC for Kohl’s…

LC for Kohl's

Lauren Conrad, Star of MTV’s ‘The Hills’, has released a new clothing line for Kohl’s… i think the pieces are absolutely gorgeous!! Unlike most celebrity collections, these designs are beautiful, affordable & you could actually wear them day-to-day without feeling like Lady bloody Gaga ;)

Click on the banner above to link to the Kohl’s online store

or here’s my favourite selections below…

9 1 2 3 48 5  7

Dream Land Favourite…

We all own & LOVE, LOVE, LOVE leggings & the looks they create…

To stop us all falling into a rut & pigeon holing how we wear leggings/jeggings/treggings (wot eva they’re referred 2 now a days lol),

Here are some new looks form independent fashion bloggers,

Style straight off the street…

when i was a child... ballerina wots occurin fun frivoulrous and pink get.that.head.out.ur.ass going in 4 the kill insane!! layered casual chic sweet but really innocentmissin summer love oh mickey ur so fine! soft sensual free fresh striped student living! 



As an official Gleek myself, not even i predicted that the fab new musical show wuld spill ova into fashion shoots ;) ……….. dance with myself, hair head. 'dance with myself'


I really don’t need to repeat the level of manicure my life has reached ;)  Here’s the 3rd post of my nails & my insane addiction:

Graffiti My Soul…

graffiti style! wots rough is sometimes right

scribble scribble

“Spike heals & skin-tight jeans i gotta fist full of love coming your way baby, come baby, come baby, GRAFITTI MY SOUL, i’m hanging on a wire…”

- Girls Aloud

A Few More Tickling Things of Late…

2 stunners, 2 fav men, 2 fav blogs


Favourite Bloggers 2getha;

Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist

& BryanBoy   ------->


finally a decent worthwhile protest lol




Last December's Italian Vogue emphasises the Twitter phase with model Gisele Bunchen involved…

Tweet Me

italian vogue december twitter






Gossip Girl, XOXO

New Discovery, Yay!

I love (evidently), but the default posting method of this site does not agree with me :(
Photos play a big part in the majority of my posts + you just can’t manoeuvre or edit them around very easily…

So, my new discovery (which you’ve all probably already heard about, but nevertheless) is Windows Live Writer!

The offline blog poster allows you to construct and easily preview your posts & take alot more control of the look & even input different effects.

Definitely give it a try any new bloggers out there,

take it easy xoxo

Welcome Back, Sunshine!

So, spring is peeping its weary head around the corner, so its time to start updating the dress collection… Here are a few picks from the new season & also bringing things forward from last season:

blank state of mind

dress GRAEME amazing. violin, print, wood, texture, gorgeous!  leggings obsession. full and skinny balance- evrything in life camille, 21  fur galore the cats meow 'i wanna do bad things to with you' 'after all, you're my wonderwall' oooooh la laaa style moment CAPTURED

Enjoy the new season, let’s get those natural tans back ;) xoxo

Sunday, 28 March 2010

White HOT! New Season, New Trend, New Love...

New York Fashion Extravaganza...

i'm not really 1 of those bloggers that posts every moment of the New York, London & Paris fashion weeks... i follow them religiously, but feel other seasoned blogger has got the coverage down a ton better than i ever could!!

i like 2 look @ the more kooky, 1 off side of the events, the quiet stuff not over published...