Monday, 21 December 2009

This Makes Me Sick...

I visited here a few years ago, & it will be an experience that will always stay with me! It shapes my life today, and still haunts me at times...
How could people not have respect for certain things in life??

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Book Delight

The Sartotialist, Scott Schuman!

This photography book is amazing... i find the blog so inspiring and fabulously shot!!

The book was NOT a dissapointment, although less writing than i had wished for, (i wanted more about Scott Shulman & his life) but i respect him letting the photography speak for itself...

i loved the cute short stories about certain shots & people that have stuck with him.

Definitely a read i would recommend <3

Mother & Daughter <3

This photo of mother + daughter team 'Sea of
Shoes' + 'Atlantis Home' started off my sentimental thoughts...

I think its the Christmas spirit, or the Bailey's, that's going to my head, but family is so important!

My mum is my rock & there definiitly a different kind of bond in that relationship <3








Chanel, The Supershow...

... in demand, on trend,
always fresh ...

Exclusive First Look:::

This is the BRAND SPANKING NEW collection from Jeremy Scott for ADIDAS 2010!!!
Very flash, very glittery, very new, very now...

i LOVE the Rihanna 'Run This Town' vid jacket & the slogan white-tees!!! The sneakers are the perfect mix of high-top retro + glitter glam, so even a white country girl like me culd pull them off (possibly!) .....
2 DIE 4!!!! xoxo

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