Monday, 15 February 2010

Anna Wintour She Is Not!

I love Anna Wintour, even with the bad press, & i think she's a genius at what she does!! Alexandra Shulman also inspires me, & does British Vogue very well, but she's a marked difference to her American counterpart...
Would you ever see Anna Wintour sat casually on the concrete floor outside a fashion show? Me thinks not ;)
I suppose humility is a characteristic to be admired...

Accessories, Accessories...

These animal belts are amazzzzing!! Spotted on the 'Atlantis Home' blog, they are so eye-catching... the rabbit head with the red eye is gorgeous, and the bird is devine! These would instantly glam up an outfit, although more everyday/office than night out i reckon.

This Chanel winged broach was one of Rachel Zoe's top picks... i love the stone detail! The wings must sparkle to death, and its soooo classic Chanel but very fresh for today! I WANT :(

I love the print on this Evans s/s 2010 bag, but does any1 else think it looks ready to fall to pieces?! For a collection that supports curvy girls, none of the clothes are particularly made well, now the accessories seem to be following suit! But, like i said, the print is gorgeous and maybe just doesn't photograph well?!

Karl Lagerfeld's documentary set my pulse raising on ring clusters! I love my rings, and along with diamond studs, they are my daily pieces! This snap is just the look i'm aiming for, chic with a mix of metals, and not a hint of chav ;-)

I Wish & Dream, but... NO!

Everyone has an opinion, and this is mine...
What would u put celebes in if u had the power?!

Lady Gaga...
More Cute, Summer & Shine.

Leona Lewis...
More Edgy, Fresh & Rebel.

Alyson Hannigan (Lily 'How I Met Your Mother')...
More Cute, Fitted & Sweet.

Zaraah Abrahams (Michaela 'Waterloo Road')...
More Youth, Style & Glam.

Leighton Meester...
More Loose, Free & Chilled.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mad Men..

Some1 else who is as in love, & behind, on this fabulously fashionable tv show as i am! WHY was i not alive in 1950/60's?! .....

Evans S/S 2010...

I'm really not sure what 2 make of whats 2 come...
Evans is my high street life line, if they go down the pan, my big bum is skrewed ;-)

I like the layering, and the floral prints are (sumwhat) cute. They've taken on the biker trend, studs and leather definatly involved here..

I just think it looks a little bland! where's the popping colour, the excitement?! the shoes have been done, the trousers are not suited to curves, and the bags look like they're about to fall apart!!

If there is a god out there, please let this not b it :(

Shoooooooooes BITCHES!

A shoe neva broke my heart... it only made it stronger

P.S. the whole bangle trend; LOVIN' IT!!

Admiration is the Greatest Form of Flattery...

Parisian Dream

Anyone whos into fashion must be into Paris...
The fashion capital (one of them anyway) is so full of fabulousness and dreams i have wanted to travel there for years! Even though its just over the pond, i wanted to wait until i could go there and truly appreciate it, so this september, for my 21st birthday, i finally get the trip of my dreams xoxo

Saturday, 13 February 2010

This Makes Even ME Broody ;)

Noir et la Blanc

Chanel epitomises it, the world accepts it in casual & buisness, it never fails to amaze...
Every different meaning, in every different sense!

Winter Wrap-Up

Twilight in NYC

Dark & Hidden

Drawling, Recording, Making...

Rock tied up with a pretty little bow!

Paris, Paris, Where art thou Paris??

Love in NY

Fall, Striped, Hidden in the Bushes

Together in Everywhere

Do the Chanel JUMP!

Chillon Captured

Alcoholic Style

"What's done in the dark will be brought to the light..." - Johnny Cash

RIP Alexander McQueen

God of Fashion, Portrayer of Style, Holder of Magic, Sadly Lost Forever xoxo

Monday, 8 February 2010

V Magaz: Big Issue...

"In my adult life i've understood that if I put an enormous amount of love and honesty into something, usually that shows in the end." - Tom Ford

New Posts 2 Come...