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Monday, 9 November 2009

THE Fabulous Lauren Luke <3

So i came across Lauren Luke & her AMAZIN' make-up looks a while ago now, but i actually found time 2 try 1 this morning... i LOVE make-up & enjoy learnin' as much as possible & i can honestly say i have neva learnt as much as i did in her short videos!! The looks are fabulous & actually do-able!! SOOO many of the youtube make-up 'gurus' are just unrealistic & talk like they've swallowed a beauticians dictionary! Lauren Luke makes u feel like at eases, almost like a mate sat in her room, havin' a natter, getting ready 4 a night out ;)

This morning i tried the 'Miley Cyrus Party in the USA' look (! I LOVED IT!! felt like a princess all day!! there's nothing like feeling flawless in your make-up 2 give yourself a boost :)
Here's Lauren's photo of the look::

Here's MY attempt (note i did this @ 9 o'clock this mornin but didnt take the photo 'till like an hour ago so most of it had worn by then)::

Im was soooo impressed that as i was taking my make-up off this evening i culdnt resist trying another, more ambitious look!! i NEVER wear greens, i dont mind them on others i just neva thought it suited me... but doing this 'Barbie Cutsie Eyes with Greens & Pinks' look, i am officially a green eyeshadow convert ;)
Here's Lauren's Example::

Here's MY attempt::

I am OFFICIALLY ADDICTED 2 Lauren Luke!! Down 2 earth, hilarious, sweet & uber-talented!! Every1 check her out @!!

Here's wishing Lauren Luke all the luck in the world! Look's like shes already going places xoxo

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Another Plus-Size Post...

WFT?! Ralph Lauren???
Well played Michael Kors & Calvien Klein!!
Crystal Renn is one of the most beautiful & admirable women out there xoxo

Biker's Back!

When i was younger, wif my Barbies, frills, & pink overload, i neva thought i'd be sooo into rock/biker chick... i cannot get enough eyeliner, black leather & white t's!! who'd have though??

these are to die 4... feminine, burlesque lined tights & rock, mesh ankle heels! wot more culd u want right now?? 2 words: winter staples xoxo

(spotted & snarched from 'My Style Pill' blog)

Karla's Closet <3

This blog is AMAZIN'!! it's refreshing, original, real & not unrealistic!!! some blogs are addictive 2 read, but every now + again sum bloggers existence just seem at an unobtainable level ;) (i doubt im eva gunna get an invitation from Louis Vuitton! lol)... but Karla is stylish, on trend, inventive, & once again REAL!! some people in life u wish u culd meet, some people in life u wish u WERE!!

Here are just some of the shots ive loved over the last few months for Karla's Closet:::

Perfect Match

Camilla Belle & Alexander McQueen were evidently made 4 each other!! the flawless hair, make-up, heels! i dont usually (well, EVER!) go 4 ocean tones (blues & greens) + im not sure how the flesh tone sections of the dress go, but none-the-less i love it! correction: i love HER in it!!! (it must b nice 2 be talked about as something other than an Jonas Brother ex! lol)

this shot is also flawless... how the other half live! Huh?! xoxo

Intensely Nails!

i am awe struck!!! lol im obsessed with my nails, have a box tipping over with manicure + pedicure crap, and i do them at least every other day (im actually not joking! no time to study but always chip free nails! lol)!

this is soooooo stunning; perfect + just a little too much ;)

it makes me wanna grab my crystals + stick away! although they are Swarovski so i think i'll contain myself (have 2 buy some cheaper alternatives!).

im still waiting 2 meet sum1 as consistently OCD about their nails but trampish about everything else in life!! lol Go figure?! ;)

New York, New York...

So my 1st trip to the city i love is scheduled within months of me (hopefully!) graduating & completing my degree!

it's places & images like this that make the trip all the more exciting and me study all the more harder...

Random Things of L8...

Inspirational blogs, Eye-catching pieces, Lust-over life...

Every1 has that one designer they stand faithful 2 no matter who or what... mine; CHANEL! Being an English country girl, ive neva had the chance 2 step foot in a Chanel store, neva met any1 who owns anything other than a fake, or been anywhere in the vicinity of a Chanel piece :( I wuld possibly D.I.E. given the chance to admire Chanel up close?! This couture Chanel shopping bag taken in Paris (by Sea of Shoes blogger Jane) is inspirationally drawl-worthy... nxt yrs 21st bday trip 2 Paris will hopefully change all this circumstantial mishap ;)


Photography Perfection! I cannot get enough of autumn... it's the crisp, chill of everything, without the freeze... it's the brisk, fast nature of outside, without the ice. Winter brings Christmas, but im already missing the comfort of autumn... in my opinion u cannot beat the hopeful spring or the promising autumn ;)


silly little things attract my attention & consume my mind... the more random the more natural the better!! this is a shot of kid's skipping ropes pilled high in a shop window in Paris; supossedly boring, nothing special, ordinary... but so striking!! the colours, lines, contrasts, etc.
i think my textile days of photo analysis have affected me more than i ever predicted or realised ;)


Another shot that really got me goin... 4 entirely different reasons!! ;)
i think is off facehunter or one of my bloglovin' lot... i dont understand why i find this no-face man attractive?? im devoted 2 men's men, u know the type; strong, manly, no-emotion, usually a dick-head ;) i wuld neva date a guy who owns a cardi or bracelets lol, but i find this a weird mix of strapping male & sensitively soft! mayb im falling 4 the metrosexual???

just more of my random thoughts picked up along the way...
love it, like it, dismiss it, throw it away xoxo

80's Kink

im still undecided... i was NOT an anticipator of the 1980's revival! i felt like nothing good came out of the 80's (except ME! lol), & that any 'fashion' created in those 10 yrs shuld b left in a box sumwhere in the loft ;) but i am strongly coming around to latest trends!! designers NEVA fail 2 take a lacking trend + style it up 2 within an inch of its life!! im EVEN a fan of the shoulder pads (not the extreme builds) lol i loved, loved, loved the neon colours during the summer! now i cant get over the leggings + rolled up jacket sleeves xoxo

alhough sum trends r still debatable!! i dont no whether the 80's shuld have gone as far as bringing bk the hair?! i do like the Olsen in the bottom left-hand corner though ;)

"More 2 LOVE"

ME; plus-size, pro-life & proud...

Awkward situations surrounding plus-size models + gorgeous @ any size women have caught my attention lately:::::::

1. im a big girl, more than vivacious! im not proud 2 b on the unhealthy size of curvy, but im not going 2 b ashamed of my size either!! im comfortable with my body + try 2 dress for my size and body shape 2 show off the best parts of me... i read this post by Bryanboy ( about Gemma Ward's weight gain of late. As a bigger girl i neva spotted anythin i deamed offensive or out of order. HE WAS BEING SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE!!!! ;) shes evidently curvier than before, + not only was Bryanboy supportive but even went a step further + encouraged the plus-size model niche!!! how was this offensive/rude in any way???? Bryanboy is nothing but hilarious! hes not afraid 2 call out a fugly outfit or blast a politician 4 a $40,000 lunch :) follow him all the way <3

2. i dont shop 4 my clothes on the high street @ my size (couldnt live without Evans!! they owe me after all ive spent lol), but even their models + ad campaigns arnt representative!! me & my housemate had a lengthy natter bout this a while ago; although they dont need 2 go 2 extremes + place a size 32 in their catalogue, why are none of the models over a size 14??? 2 see models @ size 14, 16 + 18 (even 20,22) wuld b refreshing + representative!!

3. after i read Bryanboy's post about Gemma Ward, i got 2 thinking even more about the plus-size model world... i realised i dont really know of any plus-size models or that side of the industry!! u'd think i wuld b well involved?! ;) soooo i went on google attact.... the first thing i came across was a 'top 10 plus-size models' survery on! i was surprisingly refreshed by the curvy, vivacious women i found men lusted over! except 1 that is!! plus-size means PLUS-SIZE, not 'had an extra cupcake @ lunch'!! this girl below @ #6, Kate Dillon, is beautiful, but surely u cannot consider this plus-size??? 'normal' catwalk models shuld b of this size, NOT considered an extreme:


well... rant over 4 2day!! hope every1's had a fabulous weekend xoxo

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Overload! Overload!

After the blog famine of the dreaded (shall not speak of) september of 2009, ive become obsessed + over-driven 2 post + explore my fav blogs 'till the early hours of the morning!! i have very early lectures + do need 2 regulate myself (will neva happen!), so... i will shut down Blogspot now + i will NOT post until 2morow!

Goodnite blog lovers xoxo
sweet fashion dreams <3

well mayb i'll just check Bryanboy b4 i sleep?? ;-D

Jane Galore xoxo

my favourite blog (without ANY doubt!) is Sea of Shoes (!! Jane is perfect + i cannot get enough of her posts.... her clothes are stunning, inventive + so flawlessly put together!! her entire family seems like a fashion gem shining behind everything!! i LOVE her <3

this shot is from Jane's shoot 4 Simone's Lookbook (for next spring/summer i believe)... she is wearing a domiantrix, uber-sex outfit + her (simplistic) photography skills are out of this world... UN.B.LEAV.ABLE xoxo


4 sum reason, clusters + hangers of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. just look appealing 2 me... i dont crunch all my necklaces + bracelets into my jewellery box like my earrings + rings! i love hanging them from places in my room, so i can see them + pick them out easier! they might gather more dust ;) but o well theres a price 4 everything!

i love this photo from a Lookbook shoot for next spring/summer! i cant stop spotting the pink Aldo necklace everywhere... i went through a bread phase 2/3 years ago + thought id had my fill but i can see myself being on the hunt 4 more next spring ;) xoxo

NY Pet Fashion Week '09

haha this brought such a smile 2 my face!! dogs are the perfect pet, (wo)man's best friend!! i cannot WAIT 2 get my own pup... will have 2 live sumwhere other than a student house + actually have a job! 5-10 yrs perhaps?? ;) i love all this but i dunno if id go this far with my pet though??

Wot do we think?? i want that cupcake dog bed NOW!!

Photos Curtosy of 'Sea Of Shoes' Blog! Thanx xoxo

MADAM V. Beckham

i dont understand all of the hate + scrutiny ova Victoria Beckham??? ive been a HUGE fan of hers since The Spice Girls + ive LOVED David Beckham since his Man Unt. days...

they're the perfect couple with the cutest kids + i think they are both stunningly gorgeous!!

i am LOVIN' Victoria's new hair do... i wish more than anything i didnt have afro thick hair + culd attempt this gorgeous cut!
its so light + soft she looks better than eva!! wot is her secret?? i have more wrinkles + lines than her @ 20!! this is a testament 2 flawless make-up though, we've all seen those unflattering 'celebs without make-up' pages in mags + she just as human as the rest of us! quite a nice thought dont u think?? ;)

once again i LOVE them... all hail the true British Royal Family lol The Beckhams <3

Wot I Wore: Halloween...

so... i know!! not very inventive! but 4 me Halloween is a about a group of character m8's, a decent pub + a LOT of booze ;)

my costume basically consisted of a shredded, blooded t-shirt with ghostly make-up, dark eyes + blood wounds!! lol as u can see others were more original;

1 giant blue condom, 3 dead/zombie girls, 3 baseball players (from 'Warrior' or sum film??), THE Clit + 1 very sweet skeleton <3