Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be."
— Douglas Adams

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blogger App

So LOVING the blogger iPhone App, just wish some of photos I post didn't come out so massive!
Any solutions?! xoxo

Pearl Tips

It's definitely feeling like spring time!!
So I thought I'd give the neutral nail staple a bit of a twist... I mixed my own new tonal colour with a touch more brown & soft pink <3 I just added white & pink pearls to the tips.
Easy breezy ;)

Nail Colour: Avon (own mix)
Jewels: Poundland (cheaply cheerful)

Love you all xoxo
PS. Gunna try the new gradient nail trend soon (excited!)

Friday, 25 February 2011

“I Would Give Anything To Truly Possess The Power To Shop…”


Golden Globes Sparkling in the Sun…

You can’t beat the Golden Globes, & this year was just as fabulous as ever!!Ricky Gervais was flawlessly fabulous! Even if Americans don’t get the British ‘slag you off but still love you’ humour, they don’t understand banter or sarcasm in the slightest ;) He was HILARIOUS though!!!

The awards were great, the drinks were flowing, & the red carpet sparkled…

GG2 GG30

The preggers ladies rocked it on the night, they looked chic & womanly! Not sure about the colour on Natalie Portman though, it washed her out slightly & that clevage has grown enough without the added centre embellishment ;)



AAngelina & Anna Hathaway chose a perfect style of gown! The shoulder is very womanly & structured & they’ve rocked the perfect length, gorgeous!! Angelina is defiantly back to her vintage self, & the colour seems a hit this year.


Now don’t shoot me, BUT… Olivia Wilde made the w.r.o.n.g. choice for the Golden Globes! The Globes isn’t the Oscars, it’s a lot more chilled & paired down. The over the top gown felt out of place, although in her defence she is really starting to burst into film & you can’t blame her for wanting to stand out & command some of her own attention here.

….. ….. …..

GG4 GG10 GG16 GG18 GG20





According to moi, these lovely ladies got it soooo wrong!! Julianne Moore is usually so effortlessly on point but here its a disaster! The huge fabric gathering & the colouring is a N.O.! Annette Benning (The Kids Are Alright co-star) also wasnt doing too good, the dress was just not working for her!

Now i know Hailie Berry is beyond phenomenal but this is just wrong! The length, fabric, everything is too young & too Ann Summers ;) She looks 20 but in reality she should dress her age!

As for Mad Men star, the curves are insanely fabulous (i’m not hating on those) but this dress doesn’t go with her colouring or her figure! Get fabulous again girl!!

Heidi Klum (also amaze balls!) can rock anything, & I know I said the Globe is the place for fun & understated, but this is cocktail hour on the beach not Golden Globes material! haha Oh Girls! Better luck next year ;)

More Greatness:

Also in great attendance, the nudes of the evening; These girls looked flawless & fabulous (even if Sandra’s fringe slightly scares me!) …..

GG13 GG15 GG17 GG21 GG22 GG28


Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s (Once Again…)

So if you’re not a LC fan than this isn’t the post for you (everyone has their opinion, this is mine)… Full Disclosure: I LOVE Lauren Conrad ;)

Her lines for Kohl’s in the past have been flawless, she gets stick for the simplicity, but ultimately she does a line full of pieces she & the everyday woman would wear for prices we can actually afford! haha

The pieces & media press for the latest line in stores now is very Juicy Couture meets Alice in Wonderland (not the freaky Tim Burton version!) …

She’s kept very much within her range & style but you can see she’s branched out more slightly in several pieces that are alot more eclectic, no doubt under the vision of Kohl’s input, her line will be more her i think ?!?

PS… I’ll be posting about the new look book released for Lauren’s independent line ‘Paper crown’ soon, hold tight ;) XOXO

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

NO H8 Campaign…

-IDEA NOH8 Support post Show your support for the NOH8 equality campaign;

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NOH8 ALL<3 #EqualityForAll XOXO

Brit Awards; Show ‘Em How It’s Done…

OMG weren’t The Brits fabulous?!?! <3

Plan B, Rihanna, Jessie J, James Corden were amazing!! Best performance in my opinion was Plan B! Take That were good, but does anyone else reckon their a bit old now for a ‘kids fuck the system’ song/vibe?? ;)

I will say (at risk of abuse coming…) that i am not a Tinie Tempah fan! How on earth can his few (almost identical!) singles not written by himself win over acts like Mumford & Sons?!?! They were pure talent stood on the stage with a mic stand & a banjo! haha Ok rant over, here’s the red carpet glizt …..

Alright on the Night:

Cheryl loved fabulous (no shock!) & Fearne got it spot on with a very simple but glam LBD, Alesha Dixon summed up the night with a young styled glittz dress & leather jacket, good choices all round I say ;)


So, onto the not so good (in my humble opinion!)… Eliza Dolittle’s whole ‘fashion student’ look isn’t working, Avril Lavigne looks dirty instead of rock as per usual, Rumer decided to rock up in a tent, Ellie Goulding (who was robbed of an award i reckon!) needed her gown to be alot more fitted, & Sara Cox wore a Burlesque/prostitute style dress that a 20yr old couldn’t wear ;s

God Save the Queen ;) XOXO XOXO XOXO

Grammy O’Clock 2011…

The Grammy Awards were once again upon us, & the fashion as always was a high talking point… I love the Grammys but the ceremony is becoming more & more about whose presenting & performing, not the actual awards & winners! They barely announced half of them & hardly any got to accept them on stage :( Oh well, them’s the breaks… Here’s the fashion verdict:


OH NO! What Were You Thinking…

PS. ABSOLUTLY LOVE LOVE LOVE Lady Antebellum <3 Fav. New Discovery!! XOXO

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

British Academy Film Awards 2011

The BAFTA’s kicked off awards season this side of the pond last week, & the Brits came out in pure fashion & stylish glamour…

The kings speech cleaned up at the awards, no surprise there ;) (I really have to watch that film!), & Jonathan Ross did a good job at presenting, very understated actually for him ;) spot on!

The JK Rowling & Harry Potter final mention was very special as well, amazing.


Emma Watson looked beautiful on the night in Valentino, I love her hair still & she’s always so elegant yet very young & appropriate… gorgeous!


Bonnie Wright, also from Harry Potter, looked amazing too! I hope we see more of this girl in movies to come, watch this space.

B6 Now, Helena Bonham Carter never gets it rights, always looks off but no one expects anything less! haha She rocks whatever she wears & I’m glad she still keeps her own style & preference going no matter what the press & media say afterwards, love her ;)

Well, as for the others… Tom Ford looked chic as ever, Amy Adams got the glitz just right, Minnie Driver looked as unfashionable & off as always, Annette Benning redeemed herself, Rosamund Pike looked good but I feel the colour is slightly lacking, & Tilda Swinton actually wore something that was very close to her style without looking too manish or plain weird! haha

Gotta love the Brits XOXO

SAGA of Award…

Who knows what it is about the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, but those in attendance sure bring the glamour & fashion out to play, & 2011 didn’t fail …

SAG 3 SAG 18

Mila & Lea I think were defiantly the stars of the night! The were flawless, elegant & completely age-appropriate (I know I harp on about this) Gorgeous!


Lanvin for H&M…

I know this was released in stores a few months back now, but I’ve only just come across the full line by Lanvin… The fact these awe inspiring geniuses of fashion are entering the high street shows their talent & the power of the lower end of the market ;) Here’s my favourite t-shirt piece & the entire line …



Monday, 21 February 2011

Worst Celebrity Fashion 2010

The Awful, The Insane & The Damn Right Ugly…

#ProofMoneyDon’tBuyJackShit ;) XOXO

Well I’ve Never Read It Before, But I Might Start Now…

Women’s Wear Daily Mag gathered fabulous designers together to design their ultimate wish for the future Princess Catherine…

Frida Giannini, Gucci

Frida Giannini at Gucci I think got Kate Middleton’s look the most, she looks elegant & beautiful without going over the top. Although saying this, I think most would be quite disappointed if she didn’t go for the over the top royal extravaganzas of past royal weddings ;)



Valentino added a bit more fullness to their ideal dress, a bit more ‘royal ceremony’ appropriate perhaps? The florals & flow looks gorgeous, also very age appropriate for the young future queen-to-be.

karl lagerfeld


Lagerfeld as always went full style & lushesness! The high neck & structure with the body of the gown is high-end Chanel to a tee! After all, Kate is turning into a fashion icon & her wedding day choices will follow her for years & years to come, why not go full glamorous?!

Elizabeth Emanuel, who co-designed Diana's dress in 1981


This design excited me; Elizabeth Emanuel who co-designed Diana’s gown for her 1981 wedding has show cased her ideas… I LOVE the fullness & classic nature to the gown, I’m sure the beading & embellishment would be awe inspiring! I wouldn’t blame Kate for not choosing this designer though, she will be compared to Diana for the rest of her life, I’m sure noone would begrudge her the chance to make her own new fresh choices, especially with her gown.

Below are even more designs by Jason Wu, Badgley Mishka, Alberta Ferretti, Christian Lacroix, Rachel Roy, Chris Benz, Nina Ricci & J. Crew…

Full Disclosure: I’m really far too liberal (cough*cough) to be so excited about the upcoming April nuptials, but I do LOVE the British Royals ;) Bring it on XOXO

Saturday, 12 February 2011


Haven't been on here in a few months & loved logging back on to all the very sweet comments <3
I'll be updating very soon, Fashion Week is upon us ;) XOXO

Tuesday, 4 January 2011