Saturday, 31 October 2009

Olivia P.

The Sartorialist stricks stunning again...

Olivia P., from 'The City', was snapped by the famous inspiration in London. I REALLY am not of fan of the bitchiness towards Whitney on the show, but even i cant deny how flawlessly fabulous she always is!!

there isnt 1 thing off about this entire look... toned 2 perfection legs, glowing hair, tan with not even a hint of orange, amazingly embellished jacket, fabulous rouche skirt, all pulled 2gether with staple white vest, chunky jewlerry + show stopping clutch!! O + the perfect ankle boots! ;)

well i hate her, but u gotta love the look xoxo

Scarfs Ahoy!!

i cant get enough of scarfs in the autumn/winter!! must b an English thing?? lol
its the one thing i cannot resist when out shopping + almost always find an excuse 2 buy even more!! ;)

one new thing this year though is how much im loving the wool scarfs + snoods!! all my scarfs @ the mo are lighter fabric, nothing thick! defiantly time 4 a change...

this wool snood i found on 'Facehunter', is perfect... rather large 4 me though (mayb not so much fabric needed??), but the texture + colour is gorgeous. doesnt it just make u wanna snuggle up + go 4 a long walk in the snow??? ;)

this bright scarf is stunning!! most of my winter tops/jumpers i own are solid colours so my scarfs are darker, but this has changed my mind!! the leather jacket is gorgeous, + the varying textures are perfect together! im always drawn 2 this shade of yellow, but i dont seem to own a anything more than a t-shirt in it! need 2 start scopping 4 my
winter must haves!!

im still deciding about this 1... the new circle scarf from American Apparel! i love when u can wrap a scarf neatly around ur neck, cover your face from the wind + throw it over your shoulder like a pashmena... but if the length is a little off it can look weird in ALL positions!! the colours look cute though + American Apparel dont usually disappoint so fingers crossed they'll stock them in the new English shops opening ;)

this is gunna b a must-try... i usually wrap my scarf in an almost army, triangle fashion around my neck, but this looks cute + simple. almost perfect positioning with a very 'i just through it on' feel!



i cannot WAIT 4 the Sex & the City: the Movie sequel!!! (although i HATE all the spoilers in the press!!! i dont wanna no :( really annoyin but so far avoided quite successfully!!)... i do, however, LOVE seeing glimpses of the clothes!!! this is the latest 1 ive spotted...

this is (in my opinion) THE perfect outfit!! light checked shirt (which i have become obsessed with this summer + autumn!), on trend light grey/beige jeans + prefectly stunnin' shoes (of course; its Carrie!!!) i am drooling over this!!

P.S. how does Sarah-Jessica Parker look so bloody hot??? she gets younger + more gorgeous with age!! i reckon we shuld lynch her + steal the fountain of youth she so obviously has access 2!!!

Teen Choice Awards 2009

i no! i no! this was a decade ago but i didnt have internet when all this occurred, so here goes...

Who got it spot on??

(from left-right)
Aly (without AJ) = stunning, defiantly not Disney girl anymore! Amanda Bynes = spot on, gr8 color + fix (although a little stripper'ish' for a teen show perhaps?). Ashley Tisdale = usual perfection, but still missin' that 'spark'. Fergie = fav of the nite!! gorgeous + flawless! Noah Cyrus = cute + age appropriate (a rarity even @ Disney). Hayden = gorgeous! (maybe more Oscar/Emmy's than TCA??). Kim K = shoe stopper!!! love the dress, hair, everythin'!! (do blondes have more fun?!)...

Leighton + Chace = very matchy matchy but not in a gross way! gorgeous colouring, beautiful + appropriate dress! Miley = i like it! shes obv. tryin 2 sex it up a bit! y not? shes like 16 now. Taylor = FIT! dressy but not overly done, spot on. Vanessa = im not her biggest fan but i am lovin' this dress on her! + shes holding her own next 2 Megan Fox = beautiful in this neautral gown, very sexy (as always!). Wayans (GI Joe) = perfect pick for a teen awards show, relaxed but lookin' very sexy!! Selena = stunnin' dress, but maybe a little mature 4 her age + overdone 4 this type of event??

Who got it completely wrong??

B.E.P. boys = just NO! y? Fergie defiantly needs 2 have a word! Joe Jonas = his brothers got it sooo right what happened?? no more t-shirt + suit combos please!! Corbin Bleu = tie + cardigan tank @ an interview yes! tie + cardigan @ teen choice awards no!! JoJo = i LOVE her (+ hopin this appearance means more music on the way) but this is sooo wrong! very unflattering + the colour just washes her out! Jordin Sparks = another girl im a big fan of, but again sooo unflattering 4 her figure! she has curves show them off!!! is no1 telling these girls how 2 dress? calling all stylists!!! Kristin Strewart = y??? shes soooo pretty in Twilight! no punk + no boys hair cuts please!!! :(

Miley = so as said b4 BIG fan of the sexier look, but this is maybe 1 step 2 far? + a little 2 much leather perhaps?? Sean Kingston = 1st of all i dont no if i can 4give the long absense of amazing music this past year or so, but i definatly cannot 4give this tired 'im a gangster look @ my white shirt, beer belly + bling' look! isnt he like 20?? not 45 Mr. Kingston!! Twilight boys = just NO! they're soooo hot y do they instead on dressing like hobos?? have a wash, brush ur hair + leave ur dad's clothes alone please boys!! Zac Efron = he went from teen hotty 2 middle age frumpy in the blink of an ugly fairy eye!! wot happened?? Vanessa sort him out!! ;)

Well this is just my opinion! what does every1 else think?? xoxo

Home Sweet Home <3

as much as i LOVE my new house, and i mean LOVE it, i do every now + again miss my room back @ my mum's... its just so small + cute, safe + warm! i dont miss the tiny single bed though ;)
''there's just no place like home'' - Dorothy

Friday, 30 October 2009

I'm Havin' A Relapse

personal pleasure & guilty guidance!

i customized this men's Eminem t-shirt; cutting the neck and sleeves down & safety pinning up 1 side wif pink thread.... this is 1 of my all time fav albums + i love relaxin' about the house in this t xoxo perfect <3

Sky High & Flyin'

if i had 1 fashion dream (other than being Karl Lagerfeld's personal assistant!) it wuld b 2 wear heels everyday, all day with none of the pain!! i am useless in heals... being 5ft 8'' with extreme curves doesnt help ;) its just 2 much pain 4 me 2 handle 4 very long! i can only atempt heels over 3'' if im going to sumwhere with constant seating available, + even then i end up changing into flats b4 the night ends!! i am in awe of the girls who rock these:

the black wrap Givenchy wedges r stunnin'!! a leggings best friend...

these Prada studded sligbacks r fabulous... + brown/neautral shoes r NEVA usually my thing! but these wuld definatly complete any crisp, autumnal outfit!

although i adore most shoes + believe they r all in the eye of the designer, i am not a fan of the Prada shoes from the spring/summer 2010 show! i just don't understand the concept... although like most things i spot in the shows, i'll probably end up totally loving them! we'll see...

these John Galliano's also from the spring/summer 2010 come under that weird catagory! i just don't like for... although the bottom 2 r growin on me! ;)

the looks + pieces comin' through from the s/s 2010 shows are fabulous... it's that weird time where u cant always make the connection between the shows + what you'll b lusting over next year! but without a doubt it'll all become clear soon enough!!

lets hope next year brings even more fabulous fashions, elegant styles & gorgeous new designers xoxo

'No Cut Off Age 4 Style'

i found this on 'The Sartorialist' blog... this couple are past middle age (not 2 b rude) but r fabulous with easy style + elegance! The male in the fore-front is just exceptional!! the scarf, tailored to perfection trousers + shoes... a simplisity that obviously only comes through experience :)

i cannot get enough of Scott Schuman lately.. the blog, his book! in one word... perfection (personified) xoxo

Snapshot: Culdn't Do Without...

1. My adorable pink, Swarovski crystalized, Dell laptop!

2. My pink headphones (music is a must!).

3. My fav. piece of jewlerry; double stoned pink ring!

and last but not least...

4. black gloss Rimmel nail polish!!

Tay, Tay, Tay!

soooooo... as previoulsy blogged i LOVE Rachel Zoe + her whole project ;-) but the more i watch,
the more Taylor Jacobson becomes my shine-out star!! im obsessed wif wot shes gunna b
wearin' every episode! all i can do is gasp + try and fathom a remake out of my pitifle wardrobe... she may b grumpy, but i think im just as bad so i dont hold it against her!! ;-)
i adooore Brad aswell (she loves him really! lol) + his whole preppy/'i come from oxford' dress sense lol cant believe she made him cry though! how bad...

o well bk 2 Tay .....

ive been comtemplatin' 4 sometime whether i
culd pull off the whole shaggy short'ish' hair-do shes rockin'... ummm dont expect so ;-(

the black/dark is very
my stlye, just adding the right amount of colour... sumtimes splashing out wif a brighter piece (but not very often)!

the way she layers + puts everythin together with accessories is inspirin'... ive not quite figured out how 2
perfect this yet in her very understaded but 'wearing alot' way...

her style is effortless, flawlesh + above all young! she's wearin pieces that Rachel herself wuld pull off, but doesnt try + look 40 yrs old... i luv her look + wuld sacrifice
several members of my own family 2 b part of the international Rachel Zoe Project <3

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Child's Play

i saw this project on 'Sea of Shoes', the blog written by the daughter of the writer for the 'Atlantis Home' blog. i believe they did this art project for a children's ward in their local hospital, decorating a chair with all the children involved. unless i stand corrected, they then auctioned it off 2 raise money for the hospital and various charities. not only is this inspiring + heart warming, its a beautiful piece. the childlike, scribble look of it is so endearing + sweet. the finish gloss 2 it adds good protection + shine, making the wooden frame seem less traditionally blah! it makes me want 2 take a pen + scribble over every boring white fabric surface in my room! lol

it's beautiful, fun, giving, charitable, child-like & much more...

i almost want 2 analyse the colours + strokes you can see here, not remembering it's child art. the talent these children evidently have is overwhelming, especially when you realise these are very sick, possibly terminally ill kids who are most likely going through the hardest times of their lives. In conclusion... inspiring xoxo

Chunky Choker Choices

i'm not a heavy jewellery wearer, (i own alot of jewellery), but i feel more comfortable with it simplistic + limited... now the chunky, layered jewellery looks of this season are startin 2 alter my thinking! i love the pink Aldo necklace (1), so classic and a fresh, young twist on the more mature trend of pearls + beads. Forever 21 have created a beautiful, yet metallic/treasury feel to their chunky choker (3), and i particularly love the mixed colours + beads to the piece! the Made Her Think necklace (2) has given me more insight in2 how to take this trend in the more classic, simplistic way, almost Audrey Hepburn like glamour! the other necklaces are on trend, but feel 2 fussy/dangly 4 my personal taste, but i can instantly see them beautifully on friends who fit that style more... overall a gr8 trend that i hope persists xoxo

American Apparel Appeal

this ad popped up (like it always does!) on some1 else's blog, though it didnt annoy me this time, just caught my eye! i love the 2 colours, the shading soft but defiantly packs a punch! the light jeans + daps project comfy cute + so does the pose... i no its sad but so affectionate + protective it brings the ad 2gether. it's the gorgeous yellow + purples shades that pop in front of everythin that was on the page, exciting but liveable in a strange way... put simply, just irresistible <3

the latest American Apparel ads for this season have really stood out, i couldnt b more excited that stores are now opening all over the uk... cant wait 4 them 2 open + drawl around the racks ;)
soft, comfy, american, easy style 4 every age, look, race, shape...

Fall/Winter '09 Surprises

the fall/winter season always sits well with me... the jumpers, scarves, wraps + comfort of it all! i dont usually turn towards the accessories of the shows though, but certain pieces this year are gettin me very excited indeed ;) most recently this Louis Vuitton brocade calliope bag! the pinks & golds are gorgeous, so warm 4 winter yet shine even in these photos! the chain detailing + studding is beyond the 'chain' work emerging lately (not taking over the entire look)... it's chains + studs but elegant + even soft! don't no about the gold + silver mix-match though?!

A 'Chanel' Ring 2 It?

wot do we think?? love it hate it??? the diamonds r fabulous (obv!) + i am feeling the black & opaque (almost mint) green scheme, not being the usual... still something isnt right 4 it being CHANEL, the perfect CHANEL?!

The Rachel Zoe Project

I'm hoping every1 else is just as in love wif Rachel Zoe + her entire team as i am! She's such a doll... so girly, frivolous + (most shockingly) funny!! i'd briefly heard of her b4, just stuff in the press about her weight + so called attitude, etc. so 2 b honest i only turned in 4 a sorta love 2 hate her experience! but within minutes i was shocked by how lovely she is!! + i love, love, love Taylor + Brad (the assistants)! Taylor is a gem, so grumpy but hilarious + Brad is such a cutie, the iconic gay best friend! her husband is also a character, checking how much Rachel is spendin + way romantic... TUNE IN! ;) xoxo

Long Lost Blog...

Absolute apologies 2 the lack of posts lately! Things just get 2 hectic sumtimes :( Moved house, started new year of studies, family involvment as usual = 1 very busy (exhausted!) blogger... Back now + try 2 keep things going during assignment season, Bring on Christmas!! Love & Fashion 2 all <3