Sunday, 7 November 2010

Nails O'Clock...

Lovin this time of year for the ol' manicure... Cant bring myself to carry on rocking the neons of the summer & I just feel depressed wearing black again just yet ;) so bring on the new dark neutrals; beiges, browns, greys, mauves... Everyone seems to be styling the chocolate brown lately, thought I'd give it a bash.....

Saturday, 6 November 2010

X Factor : The Fashion 6-11-2010

Some gems, some wrong 'uns, some unchanged...

Cher looked her age for once!!! Lovin the pink jacket, don't no if all the PVC was necessary but o well ...
Mary, well same old same old but the darker fitted clothes do suit her the best so I guess she's workin it good ...
Katie looked fabulous! Someone obviously taught her the difference between Madonna fancy dress & being a little inspired ;) I liked the black jewlerry & lace layered look ;) ...
Aidan was hot tonight!!! Didn't think I could fancy anyone in a floaty white shirt & make-up lol subtle and sexy <3 ...
Paige looked as weird as usually. I'm all for fashion expression, but only if ur Lady Gaga ;) definatly a case of fashion student thinking he looks dapper ...
Rebecca... Wow!! Could barely look past her voice to her clothes but she was dressed as fabulous & classically chic as she sounded! Loved the metallic sheen brown looked gorgeous ...
Wagner does Elvis... No.Words. I hope to god he goes this week! Didn't the British nation learn their lesson from Chico?? ...
I am genuinely in love with Matt & he sang amazingly but WTF was he wearing??! Blue shirt & camel trousers no no no! ;) I suppose even the x factor stylist can get away with one mistake a night lol ...
Treyc looked so pretty tonight! I'm not really a fan & love her looks even less but tonight she looked the best yet!! Audrey done modern, although I think the waist pleats made it look a little tailored office dress gone long ...
One Direction = cute, young & make me wish I was 14 again!! ;) well styled boys <3

Highlights of the night... Cheryl Cole's hair bow & Simon Cowell's Harry Potter glasses in the videos ;) XOXO

X FACTOR UK: The Judges

What on earth is Danni Minogue wearing??? Usually she gets it so spot on! Only Gaga could pull off that size bow ;) Cheryl Cole as usually = gorgeous, although the tiny hat is a bit Tim Burton.
Nothin better than a chilled x factor Saturday night ;) XOXO

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Country Lovin' <3

This south-west girl's favourite music to heart.....

-Carrie Underwood
-Dixie Chicks
-Rascal Flatts
-Miranda Lambert
-Kellie Pickler
-Dolly Parton
-Keith Urban
-Taylor Swift


T Swift....

I am a Taylor Swift fan, but her fashion isn't something I generally look at her for. Although after spottin this outfit she wore whilst performing in New York, she looks so effortlessly chic. She is a girl that rocks casual but looks put together, doing girly very well but still looking grown.
The checked shirt has become a good staple, Taylor putting a country spin on this fabulous autumn get up. The hat adds a very comfy but put together touch.
Well I'm gunna be paying more attention to this country crouner from now on ;) especially if the romance rumors with Jake Gyllenhaul are to be believed (lucky!) XOXO

Monday, 11 October 2010

Detonator NOT a fan of BloggerLite thumbs down :(

LOVIN Mrs David Walliams <3!

Sooo... Uni life kicked back into full gear & I'm sorry I've not posted in a while.

Finally got my hands on the new iPod touch! Yay! So I'm testing out blogger apps. I'm posting this from Blogger+, it's a bit slow & keeps stickin. I only found 2 free apps so I'll try the other one in a min...

Ps it was lovely to come back after a few months and see the website hits have shot up! Thank u everyone for visiting the blog, sorry about all the shite I spat ;)
Perfectly_pink <3 xoxo

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Customising My Life…

It all started with a picture lol

vogue blog time for tees - MAKE OWN NOW I spotted this on a Vogue Blog post a while back, & it started my mind going (bad thing i know! lol). Why dont i try wardrobe alterations? But just because this looks to-die-for, doesnt mean anything i do will look better than a child’s nursery project ;)Although i have started thinking about the alterations i can make to my clothes… im pouring through this September issue of Vogue loving the new autumn/winter ‘10 looks! Problem; i cant afford new socks right now (serious!). So im gonna go all Gok Wan on my clothes and visit these haberdasheries he keeps wetting himself over ;)

I mean i know how to sew pretty well & that, but am i gonna ruin or improve my entire wardrobe? (i’ll be in pj’s until next summer if this goes wrong! lol)

So… the first thing i spotted was the cover of this month’s Vogue…


Could not be more in love with the Burberry navy military jacket Kate Moss is wearing. If you cant afford Burberry, what to do? lol Well, turn the new navy cardigan i brought somewhat on trend with neutral, minimal colours with military details, by adding brass ‘antique’ style buttons. Who knows, maybe it could work??? ;)

Next issue to tackle… leggings! Mine are plain, black & booooring! So what new trends to (attempt!) pull off; rouching, side buttons, lace, cut-outs???

alexander mcqueen markus lupfermarc jacobsAlexander McQueen                    Marc Jacobs                         Markus Lupfer 

pink d & g

pink marc jacobspink temperley londonMaybe venture into ruining my mum’s washing machine by attempting to turn the hanus bright lemon combats i own (dont ask!) into this season’s new gorgeously vibrant but subtle pink???

So… could this be a fab new money saving wardrobe turn-around, or… not?!Untitled


Ok! Time to be proud of me…

Finally! I have an organised wardrobe!! ;)

Ive been living in the spare box room back home out of suitcase for a few months now & couldnt take the mess anymore lol So ive managed to wangle using the wardrobe in the room being decorated & now i have my clothes back on hangers ;)

P01-08-10_20-14 P01-08-10_20-14[2]

I cant wait for the day i have a HUUUUUGE walk in wardrobe (i know im living in a dream world!) xoxo

Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Music Love…

OMG girls (& boys?) i've got a new music obsession (i know they come fast & often! lol) … IDINA MENZEL <3

- Gorgeous, AMAMZING voice, Glee favourite!


LOVIN’ ‘Poker Face’, ‘I Dreamed A Dream’, ‘Brave’.


Studious Example of Fashion <3

Let Us Step Out Into the Night and Pursue That Flighty Temptress, Adventurejt style line possibly

As much as i want contacts & laser-eye surgery, this makes me feel better ;) xoxo

Cover-Up, Cover-Down, Cover-All??

It may only be August, & I may be all doom and gloom… but does anyone else feel like dressing for autumn already?!

My favourite time of year for wardrobe choices = AUTUMN!! ;) I love the cute cardigans and emergence of boots… the chill in the air means i dont have to worry about baring wobbly arms or pale legs anymore AND its not cold enough to have to tot around wearing a mahussive coat!

So, style choices?? Denim jackets have waltzed back in with the 90’s revival, leather jackets are always appropriate, brown & sheepskin wool are all over Vogue the past few months, military tailoring & buttons galore are everywhere & a blazer is always necessary … where to go???

Bittersweatheart Classic Warm-Up vintage pale glam pinkAn ApologyFront Row fur galore going in 4 the kill hellohellohello I See You Clear 'i wanna do bad things to with you' in a rush, whos really looking @ u It's a Creepy Shop, He's a Creepy Bloke! leapord print fan Military All That's Neccessary! missin summer love no sweat oooooh la laaa Rita Sometimes Love style moment CAPTURED sweet but really innocent Tell Me Lies

O the dilemna! lol Good job i’m skint, or i really would have to ponder this life-altering choice ;)   xoxo