Saturday, 9 January 2010

VOGUE Desperation...

is any1 else as behind wif their mags???
I read Vogue religiously & have a Vanity Fair subscription, but im completely messed up/behind wif readin' them :(

i got behind wif working in the summer so i was still reading May/June 3 months later, then the Spetmeber issue came out which i HAD 2 read, so now ive got summer issues to read + still havnt properly read Nov/Dec yet!!!!
I'm dying 2 read Jan's Vogue & Elle which i brought yesturday but surely hv 2 read the others first?!

i dont no anymore ;) does any1 else have this problem or just me??
"Not enough hours in the day for all this fashion malarky & real life!"

another rant, much love xoxoxoxo

ALSO! There are SO many iconic back issues i want 2 get my hands on!! does any1 no a good place other than eBay???

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