Monday, 15 February 2010

Accessories, Accessories...

These animal belts are amazzzzing!! Spotted on the 'Atlantis Home' blog, they are so eye-catching... the rabbit head with the red eye is gorgeous, and the bird is devine! These would instantly glam up an outfit, although more everyday/office than night out i reckon.

This Chanel winged broach was one of Rachel Zoe's top picks... i love the stone detail! The wings must sparkle to death, and its soooo classic Chanel but very fresh for today! I WANT :(

I love the print on this Evans s/s 2010 bag, but does any1 else think it looks ready to fall to pieces?! For a collection that supports curvy girls, none of the clothes are particularly made well, now the accessories seem to be following suit! But, like i said, the print is gorgeous and maybe just doesn't photograph well?!

Karl Lagerfeld's documentary set my pulse raising on ring clusters! I love my rings, and along with diamond studs, they are my daily pieces! This snap is just the look i'm aiming for, chic with a mix of metals, and not a hint of chav ;-)

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