Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cover-Up, Cover-Down, Cover-All??

It may only be August, & I may be all doom and gloom… but does anyone else feel like dressing for autumn already?!

My favourite time of year for wardrobe choices = AUTUMN!! ;) I love the cute cardigans and emergence of boots… the chill in the air means i dont have to worry about baring wobbly arms or pale legs anymore AND its not cold enough to have to tot around wearing a mahussive coat!

So, style choices?? Denim jackets have waltzed back in with the 90’s revival, leather jackets are always appropriate, brown & sheepskin wool are all over Vogue the past few months, military tailoring & buttons galore are everywhere & a blazer is always necessary … where to go???

Bittersweatheart Classic Warm-Up vintage pale glam pinkAn ApologyFront Row fur galore going in 4 the kill hellohellohello I See You Clear 'i wanna do bad things to with you' in a rush, whos really looking @ u It's a Creepy Shop, He's a Creepy Bloke! leapord print fan Military All That's Neccessary! missin summer love no sweat oooooh la laaa Rita Sometimes Love style moment CAPTURED sweet but really innocent Tell Me Lies

O the dilemna! lol Good job i’m skint, or i really would have to ponder this life-altering choice ;)   xoxo

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