Sunday, 8 August 2010

Customising My Life…

It all started with a picture lol

vogue blog time for tees - MAKE OWN NOW I spotted this on a Vogue Blog post a while back, & it started my mind going (bad thing i know! lol). Why dont i try wardrobe alterations? But just because this looks to-die-for, doesnt mean anything i do will look better than a child’s nursery project ;)Although i have started thinking about the alterations i can make to my clothes… im pouring through this September issue of Vogue loving the new autumn/winter ‘10 looks! Problem; i cant afford new socks right now (serious!). So im gonna go all Gok Wan on my clothes and visit these haberdasheries he keeps wetting himself over ;)

I mean i know how to sew pretty well & that, but am i gonna ruin or improve my entire wardrobe? (i’ll be in pj’s until next summer if this goes wrong! lol)

So… the first thing i spotted was the cover of this month’s Vogue…


Could not be more in love with the Burberry navy military jacket Kate Moss is wearing. If you cant afford Burberry, what to do? lol Well, turn the new navy cardigan i brought somewhat on trend with neutral, minimal colours with military details, by adding brass ‘antique’ style buttons. Who knows, maybe it could work??? ;)

Next issue to tackle… leggings! Mine are plain, black & booooring! So what new trends to (attempt!) pull off; rouching, side buttons, lace, cut-outs???

alexander mcqueen markus lupfermarc jacobsAlexander McQueen                    Marc Jacobs                         Markus Lupfer 

pink d & g

pink marc jacobspink temperley londonMaybe venture into ruining my mum’s washing machine by attempting to turn the hanus bright lemon combats i own (dont ask!) into this season’s new gorgeously vibrant but subtle pink???

So… could this be a fab new money saving wardrobe turn-around, or… not?!Untitled


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