Sunday, 8 November 2009

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Every1 has that one designer they stand faithful 2 no matter who or what... mine; CHANEL! Being an English country girl, ive neva had the chance 2 step foot in a Chanel store, neva met any1 who owns anything other than a fake, or been anywhere in the vicinity of a Chanel piece :( I wuld possibly D.I.E. given the chance to admire Chanel up close?! This couture Chanel shopping bag taken in Paris (by Sea of Shoes blogger Jane) is inspirationally drawl-worthy... nxt yrs 21st bday trip 2 Paris will hopefully change all this circumstantial mishap ;)


Photography Perfection! I cannot get enough of autumn... it's the crisp, chill of everything, without the freeze... it's the brisk, fast nature of outside, without the ice. Winter brings Christmas, but im already missing the comfort of autumn... in my opinion u cannot beat the hopeful spring or the promising autumn ;)


silly little things attract my attention & consume my mind... the more random the more natural the better!! this is a shot of kid's skipping ropes pilled high in a shop window in Paris; supossedly boring, nothing special, ordinary... but so striking!! the colours, lines, contrasts, etc.
i think my textile days of photo analysis have affected me more than i ever predicted or realised ;)


Another shot that really got me goin... 4 entirely different reasons!! ;)
i think is off facehunter or one of my bloglovin' lot... i dont understand why i find this no-face man attractive?? im devoted 2 men's men, u know the type; strong, manly, no-emotion, usually a dick-head ;) i wuld neva date a guy who owns a cardi or bracelets lol, but i find this a weird mix of strapping male & sensitively soft! mayb im falling 4 the metrosexual???

just more of my random thoughts picked up along the way...
love it, like it, dismiss it, throw it away xoxo

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