Sunday, 8 November 2009

80's Kink

im still undecided... i was NOT an anticipator of the 1980's revival! i felt like nothing good came out of the 80's (except ME! lol), & that any 'fashion' created in those 10 yrs shuld b left in a box sumwhere in the loft ;) but i am strongly coming around to latest trends!! designers NEVA fail 2 take a lacking trend + style it up 2 within an inch of its life!! im EVEN a fan of the shoulder pads (not the extreme builds) lol i loved, loved, loved the neon colours during the summer! now i cant get over the leggings + rolled up jacket sleeves xoxo

alhough sum trends r still debatable!! i dont no whether the 80's shuld have gone as far as bringing bk the hair?! i do like the Olsen in the bottom left-hand corner though ;)

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