Sunday, 13 December 2009 Review

I've heard alot about lately...
the gorgeous snowy tv ad, celeb collections (fearne cotton, holly willoughby, Dita Von Teese)!
Thought i'd take a look & share my thoughts:

First of all, didnt think they did anything other than women's clothes! but o cont rare, they do mens, kids, appliances, furniture, sports, jewellery, toys, everything!
The site is so quick 2 navigate, everything easily found 1 click away...

So, i no there are other things than clothes in life (possibly?!) but lets face it; it's all im interested in ;) There are so many collections (espec. the celebs 1's) that are exclusive to the site, and they're not cheap, but not stupidly over-prized either!

Fearne Cotton's Collection
I L.O.V.E. Fearne! she's so lovely! although her fashion sense isnt always on point 4 me. dont get me wrong, she's always on-trend, just not always my 'cup of tea', as they say ;)
Some of her pieces though are sooo cute! nothing overly glam or dressy, but very workable!
Here are a few of my fav's:
the plaid cape & 'little red riding hood' coat is so gorgeous!!! i love the richness and wear-ability of collection! you can mix and match pieces + adapt them into your own style...
the purple & whites vest are cute, with strong + bold colours.
(Above) This is stunning! makes me believe u can b professional + chic!! ;)
This spotted shirt is cute, another all-in-black favourite 4 me!!
This the cutest of them ALL!! the flower print is a nice subtle version of the summer trend! very wearable + versatile!!

Holly Willoughby's Collection
Holly's is ALOT more glam!! i find with both her + Fearne, they almost design for themselves, not really stepping out of their range. This is good (to a certain extent), because at least they're designing for the body shapes they know...
Alot of the dresses are very 'prom' style. None of them, i wuld say, havnt been done before in some way, but the designs do seem 2 have a unique twist about them! It is refreshing to see a line that accommodates to boobs & hips on a woman ;)
These 2 are definatly my fav's!! Very glam ;)
Holly also does a very cute maternity collection on the site. it's just as feminine with a touch of glam, also seems very practical (not that ive ever been pregnant!).

Peaches PPQ
Basically im not a fan of Peaches Geldof or her fashion 'sense' (if u can call it that?!)...
Her line is very copy cat; trying 2 replicate trends without actually understanding them!! its very goth, with a few random floor-length skirts & long sleeve cover-ups! wtf?! In 1 word: uneventful :(

Fuse by Preen
British label Preen have done an almost spin-off collection on the site! Very chic + sexy!! A touch of Burberry with Chloe like dresses & skirts, with very on-trend colours and designs!! I LOVE the checked shirts they've done!! 2 DIE 4!!!

2bh nothing unexpected; very 'sexy'/sluttish, with a hint of chav...
Basically what Caprice wears 2 her 'D List' red carpet events (oooh! catty!! lol).

(i no, i no, i ramble on! but this is just my opinion & im open 2 individual style + views)

I'll post more about the other collections available & general website commments again! Surprising has A LOT 2 offer!
2 b continued...

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