Saturday, 12 December 2009

More S/S 2010...

Few more bits ive found ready for next spring & summer:

Victor & Rolf S/S 2010 excited me this year. i havent really noticed these guys before, but this looked so 'Alice in Wonderland'. The mad hatter/things missing element made it so much more interesting! i love the pale pink & black corset dress, makes me think of the fairy dreams i had as a little girl...

Hussein Chalayan looked so feminine and creepy at the same time ;) I love the white & the almost toga/sari feel to the wrap of the fabric, but im still unsure about the hands?! in the photos they look unique and palyful, but i cant help but feel they might come across a bit strange if worn out... i do like the over-the-shoulder hand though, looks more cute then creep ;)

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