Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I CANNOT believe the next batch of magazines out will b January 2010!!! wheres has my life gone?! ;) wasnt it like 2001 just yesterday (im soundin' so old it's unreal!! lol)!

So this is US Vogue Jan 2010:
Rachel McAdams is gorgeous!!! She's been a fav. of mine since 'The Notebook'! She seemed to go through that awkward 'teenage' fashion phase a while back, but she is up in the glamour stakes now ;)
Wearing Dolce & Gabbana, the look is sophisticated but still fresh!! This is one of the many dresses that i wasnt a fan of on the catwalk, but fell for it when ive seen it styled!
I love the wavy, short hair on her & the gorgeous earrings and cute cardi!! Fabulous!!!

LOVE Magazine, February 2010:
LOVE mag is still a mystery to me! i havn't read an issue yet (havn't spotted it in Birmingham!), but it really fascinates me! The fashion & life elements seem like combining Vogue & Vanity Fair (only mags i read religously!), which wuld be perfect...
They did the naked Beth Ditto cover & the Queen shoot with Agnes Deyn, getting a name with daring features.
Lara Stone's naked cover is my favourite yet! She is stunningly pretty & uber sexy!!

Does any1 in the UK (in particular Birmingham/Bristol) know where u can get the mag from please???? & if any1 has read the previous issues let me know wot u thought!!

Much LOVE xoxo

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