Friday, 11 December 2009

S/S 2010 What's 2 Come?!?!

I dont like 2 look @ all the new collections 2 far in advance of the season! i find my mind cant seperate the looks + i end up in vests in november + knitted snoods in june ;)
Although saying this, i cant stop myself completely looking @ wots emerging! this is wot ive spotted so far...

Proenza Schouler, S/S 2010
I love the bright colours of this collection. the bright yellow shirt, turquoise & shocking blues! even the blacks & whites pop... if this is the future; its bright!!

John Galliano, S/S 2010
The pale pinks and tones here are gorgeous!! the head dresses are so unique, with such a vintage feel to them. the newspaper look is stunning, and lace veils give it the 1920's element!

Vivienne Westwood Red Label, S/S 2010
We all know Vivienne Westwood as a bit of a kook ;) Her adding (slightly aged) Pamela Anderson to catwalks and advertisments is a liitle strange, but understandable! wot is not so understandable is the addition of Big Brother UK's Lisa! i loved her on the show, but i didnt watch thinking 'gee! Lisa shuld b on a catwalk'... i'm not really feeling the entire show tbh!

Nina Ricci, S/S 2010
Pink & Black (in my opinion!) always pop against each other!! this lines + tailoring here is wot stands out! the flowing, curved black dress is my personal fav! i love the short cut jackets aswell, part of that overpowering 1980's looks that evidently isn't going away ;)

Prada, S/S 2010
Usually, i find, the S/S collections involve alot more colour than those ive seen so far, which 4 me is a very good thing indeed! i love the deep blacks and sparkling whites @ Prada! the wraps and flow of the fabric show the classic, stylish, dignifying Prada once again!

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