Sunday, 20 December 2009

Luggage Obsession!

I've always had a BAG fetish; Never have any money, but always the latest 'it' bag! lol
& now with living in Birmingham, having family in Bristol, Exceter, Lancaster, London, Germany, and friends in most uk cities + Germany, France, Spain, Australia, America, Canada, Hong Kong, etc. (overload i no! lol), my bag fetish has now turned to travel luggage!! ;-D

It all started with the luggage supremo: Louis Vuitton!! Their bags are AMAZING, but their trunks are an obsession of mine in their own right!!! For a birthday treat i went with my mum to the Louis Vuitton shop in Birmingham! i can still picture the amazing trunks they had there, so refined and stunningly made! I want, I want!!
Although now, i'm starting to transfer this all onto vintage, one-off, old school pieces! There is no better place than a vintage store, and no better possession than couture! Spotted these vintage finds the other day...

These are gorgeous! Definitely need some pennies in the piggy to get some good, solid, stunningly made pieces!

Gotta Luv it xoxo

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