Saturday, 12 December 2009

Whilst looking through blogs, image searches, mags, random websites, i always save things that i find inspiring!!
Doing textiles academically makes you look at photos of anything from towns/countries, table settings, door mould (really!) & think of the fabric equivalent!!
So here a few completely odd images ive found of late...

The red brick of Massachusetts is so gorgeous and the colour and mix of Russia reminds me so much of my trip 2 Barcelona! the architecture in some places is just stunning; unbelievably inspiring!!

i have no idea which blog this came from, but its been sitting in my 'picture' folder 4 ages now! i dont no whether ive saved this 2 replicate @ a dinner party or on a dress but tbh both ways would be beautiful!! i just love the crushed glitter of the rabbit and the amazing plate effect and the pop-out table mat! Almost 'Alice in Wonderland' in its creation!!

These album shots popped up on Spotify (heaven 4 my music obsessions!!), & its one of those occasions i cant fully explain the captivation! i loved the letter arrangment of the eggs, so whimsicle, thought it might qualify 4 a cute Easter decor idea?!
Then the collage, pieced-together feel of the second album cover was gorgeous! i cannot possibly live somewhere that isnt covered in old and new photographs! Especially living in a different city to my family, i love having photos of them up everywhere! this looked like a new way 2 display them, i dont like just plodding them everywhere without thought!

Well, thats my daily ramblings ;) xoxo

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