Sunday, 20 December 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen... MISS ANJA RUBIK

So, i came across Anja when i saw the September issue of Italian Vogue... She looks AMAZING!! the hair, the clothes (or lack there of), the pose, the entire shot!!

Not really knowing her from anywhere else, i had a little google 'sesh'...

Shes a polish girl, & apparently the most beautiful thing ever to come from there! Anja now lives in NYC (good girl!). As a young girl she lived in Greece, Canada, South Africa, all over the place.
She started modelling young, although concentrated on school, only working during the holidays! After she graduated, though, it was ooooooon...

Anja has appeared in French & British Vogue, V, Harpers Bazaar, Allur, W, CitizenK, & many many more!
She seems like a model with a personality, with a keen interest in art, cinema, travel & even scuba diving! How refreshing ;)

I just find Anja soooo beautiful & striking! She has the 'take your breath away' effect, but still appears soft, feminine & glowing, whilst dominating the pages!
Heres some more B.E.A.UTIFUL shots of Anja Rubik:

As if there wasnt enough love for this girl, i discovered she's the Chanel model on the gorgeous new glasses campaign:

2 D.I.E 4 xoxo

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