Saturday, 31 October 2009


i cannot WAIT 4 the Sex & the City: the Movie sequel!!! (although i HATE all the spoilers in the press!!! i dont wanna no :( really annoyin but so far avoided quite successfully!!)... i do, however, LOVE seeing glimpses of the clothes!!! this is the latest 1 ive spotted...

this is (in my opinion) THE perfect outfit!! light checked shirt (which i have become obsessed with this summer + autumn!), on trend light grey/beige jeans + prefectly stunnin' shoes (of course; its Carrie!!!) i am drooling over this!!

P.S. how does Sarah-Jessica Parker look so bloody hot??? she gets younger + more gorgeous with age!! i reckon we shuld lynch her + steal the fountain of youth she so obviously has access 2!!!

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