Thursday, 29 October 2009

Chunky Choker Choices

i'm not a heavy jewellery wearer, (i own alot of jewellery), but i feel more comfortable with it simplistic + limited... now the chunky, layered jewellery looks of this season are startin 2 alter my thinking! i love the pink Aldo necklace (1), so classic and a fresh, young twist on the more mature trend of pearls + beads. Forever 21 have created a beautiful, yet metallic/treasury feel to their chunky choker (3), and i particularly love the mixed colours + beads to the piece! the Made Her Think necklace (2) has given me more insight in2 how to take this trend in the more classic, simplistic way, almost Audrey Hepburn like glamour! the other necklaces are on trend, but feel 2 fussy/dangly 4 my personal taste, but i can instantly see them beautifully on friends who fit that style more... overall a gr8 trend that i hope persists xoxo

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