Thursday, 29 October 2009

Child's Play

i saw this project on 'Sea of Shoes', the blog written by the daughter of the writer for the 'Atlantis Home' blog. i believe they did this art project for a children's ward in their local hospital, decorating a chair with all the children involved. unless i stand corrected, they then auctioned it off 2 raise money for the hospital and various charities. not only is this inspiring + heart warming, its a beautiful piece. the childlike, scribble look of it is so endearing + sweet. the finish gloss 2 it adds good protection + shine, making the wooden frame seem less traditionally blah! it makes me want 2 take a pen + scribble over every boring white fabric surface in my room! lol

it's beautiful, fun, giving, charitable, child-like & much more...

i almost want 2 analyse the colours + strokes you can see here, not remembering it's child art. the talent these children evidently have is overwhelming, especially when you realise these are very sick, possibly terminally ill kids who are most likely going through the hardest times of their lives. In conclusion... inspiring xoxo

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