Thursday, 29 October 2009

American Apparel Appeal

this ad popped up (like it always does!) on some1 else's blog, though it didnt annoy me this time, just caught my eye! i love the 2 colours, the shading soft but defiantly packs a punch! the light jeans + daps project comfy cute + so does the pose... i no its sad but so affectionate + protective it brings the ad 2gether. it's the gorgeous yellow + purples shades that pop in front of everythin that was on the page, exciting but liveable in a strange way... put simply, just irresistible <3

the latest American Apparel ads for this season have really stood out, i couldnt b more excited that stores are now opening all over the uk... cant wait 4 them 2 open + drawl around the racks ;)
soft, comfy, american, easy style 4 every age, look, race, shape...

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