Friday, 30 October 2009

Sky High & Flyin'

if i had 1 fashion dream (other than being Karl Lagerfeld's personal assistant!) it wuld b 2 wear heels everyday, all day with none of the pain!! i am useless in heals... being 5ft 8'' with extreme curves doesnt help ;) its just 2 much pain 4 me 2 handle 4 very long! i can only atempt heels over 3'' if im going to sumwhere with constant seating available, + even then i end up changing into flats b4 the night ends!! i am in awe of the girls who rock these:

the black wrap Givenchy wedges r stunnin'!! a leggings best friend...

these Prada studded sligbacks r fabulous... + brown/neautral shoes r NEVA usually my thing! but these wuld definatly complete any crisp, autumnal outfit!

although i adore most shoes + believe they r all in the eye of the designer, i am not a fan of the Prada shoes from the spring/summer 2010 show! i just don't understand the concept... although like most things i spot in the shows, i'll probably end up totally loving them! we'll see...

these John Galliano's also from the spring/summer 2010 come under that weird catagory! i just don't like for... although the bottom 2 r growin on me! ;)

the looks + pieces comin' through from the s/s 2010 shows are fabulous... it's that weird time where u cant always make the connection between the shows + what you'll b lusting over next year! but without a doubt it'll all become clear soon enough!!

lets hope next year brings even more fabulous fashions, elegant styles & gorgeous new designers xoxo

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