Saturday, 31 October 2009

Scarfs Ahoy!!

i cant get enough of scarfs in the autumn/winter!! must b an English thing?? lol
its the one thing i cannot resist when out shopping + almost always find an excuse 2 buy even more!! ;)

one new thing this year though is how much im loving the wool scarfs + snoods!! all my scarfs @ the mo are lighter fabric, nothing thick! defiantly time 4 a change...

this wool snood i found on 'Facehunter', is perfect... rather large 4 me though (mayb not so much fabric needed??), but the texture + colour is gorgeous. doesnt it just make u wanna snuggle up + go 4 a long walk in the snow??? ;)

this bright scarf is stunning!! most of my winter tops/jumpers i own are solid colours so my scarfs are darker, but this has changed my mind!! the leather jacket is gorgeous, + the varying textures are perfect together! im always drawn 2 this shade of yellow, but i dont seem to own a anything more than a t-shirt in it! need 2 start scopping 4 my
winter must haves!!

im still deciding about this 1... the new circle scarf from American Apparel! i love when u can wrap a scarf neatly around ur neck, cover your face from the wind + throw it over your shoulder like a pashmena... but if the length is a little off it can look weird in ALL positions!! the colours look cute though + American Apparel dont usually disappoint so fingers crossed they'll stock them in the new English shops opening ;)

this is gunna b a must-try... i usually wrap my scarf in an almost army, triangle fashion around my neck, but this looks cute + simple. almost perfect positioning with a very 'i just through it on' feel!


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