Friday, 30 October 2009

Tay, Tay, Tay!

soooooo... as previoulsy blogged i LOVE Rachel Zoe + her whole project ;-) but the more i watch,
the more Taylor Jacobson becomes my shine-out star!! im obsessed wif wot shes gunna b
wearin' every episode! all i can do is gasp + try and fathom a remake out of my pitifle wardrobe... she may b grumpy, but i think im just as bad so i dont hold it against her!! ;-)
i adooore Brad aswell (she loves him really! lol) + his whole preppy/'i come from oxford' dress sense lol cant believe she made him cry though! how bad...

o well bk 2 Tay .....

ive been comtemplatin' 4 sometime whether i
culd pull off the whole shaggy short'ish' hair-do shes rockin'... ummm dont expect so ;-(

the black/dark is very
my stlye, just adding the right amount of colour... sumtimes splashing out wif a brighter piece (but not very often)!

the way she layers + puts everythin together with accessories is inspirin'... ive not quite figured out how 2
perfect this yet in her very understaded but 'wearing alot' way...

her style is effortless, flawlesh + above all young! she's wearin pieces that Rachel herself wuld pull off, but doesnt try + look 40 yrs old... i luv her look + wuld sacrifice
several members of my own family 2 b part of the international Rachel Zoe Project <3

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